iMessage Update

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It’s time that recovering sheep all around the world give a big thank you to a Californian woman. She hasn’t brought us word peace, she hasn’t discovered the cure for an embarrassing sickness, she hasn’t balanced her states budget, but what she did, was get those people wise enough to leave the iPhone to once again get their text messages!

As we reported here, since the introduction of iMessage, many people who chose to leave iPhone were having their text messages held hostage by the not so benelovent messenger. The “fix” was to turn off your iMessage before you rid yourself of the iPhone. As many people found out, that didn’t quite work. People calling iPhone customer support were given wonderful advice, including, change your phone number, call all your friends and have them delete you and add you back to their phonebooks, and simply, return your phone and get another iPhone. None of these are what I would call quality responses. The only thing that seemed to work was to wait it out. And what I have seen happen, is that people that aren’t too technology focused, simply think their new phone is the problem, and go back to iPhone. And my own personal opinion, is that this is exactly what Apple counted on.

Our hero of the week, Adrienne Moore, decided enough was enough, and filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for the issues that they are causing people by hindering their communications. And wouldn’t you know? Apple suddenly figured out how to fix the problem! Incredible timing is it not? Apparently, a “server side fix” as been put in place, but due to a glitch, it’s not an exact fix. However, a future update should fix it, and people experiencing problems should now be able to contact Apple support and get it fixed, as opposed to being told to buy another iPhone. Let’s hope they train those geniuses fast!




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