iMessage Fail


Recently Apple has been dealing with angry former iphonians who have not been receiving messages after switching away from iPhone due to the fact the imessage was linked to their phone number and messages get lost somewhere in the Apple universe. This has become so bad that it has lead to a class action lawsuit being file against Apple.

Well now it looks like a new issue seems to have popped up. And now it’s not formers iPhone users who are upset but rather current users. With a recent addition to our family, it is only natural that family members want to see pictures of our cute baby girl. My wife and her sister are very active messaging each other on a daily basis. Only there is one problem….photos being sent via imessage have not been going through.   She keeps getting the infamous red exclamation mark. This has been going on for some time and at first I thought it was an issue with her iPhone 5. I decided to do a little research and have come to find out that many have been complaining of the same issue.

So moral of the story…yet again. BlackBerry and BBM are still the most reliable and secure way to share life’s moments.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30 while laying on my couch sending pictures over BBM…..oh and yes they get delivered.