Imagine A World Without BlackBerry…

Jaw Dropping

Joe Moreno makes great videos.

In fact, Joe made, what is essentially our theme video. The one we use to point out the Gathering Storm. The one that let’s those extreme Androidians and iPhoniand know what is coming. If you don’t know the one, it’s this:

‘Shall we begin?’

We have…

And we LOVE IT.

Well, now Joe has produced another video. A video where he imagines what life would have been like had the iPhonians and Androidians got their wish last year and we had been stamped out once and for all.

A world where we, the people, are left with NO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER.

Because, of course, as Joe highlights in his graphics, barely a day goes by without yet another Androidian or iPhonian security leak.


It’s REALLY simple.

It you don’t care that everyone can read your emails, text messages, Whatsapp messages etc and twist them into ANY CONTEXT THEY FANCY…

You stick with iPhone and Android.

But, if you want to live in a world where what you meant to say to your friend stays as what you meant to say, if you want to live in a world where you can freely pass information to your staff and not find your competitors know all about it and if you want to live in a world where your BASIC FREEDOM is protected as a human being, that of being able to speak to the people you intended to without someone else listening in…

You buy a BlackBerry.

Hell, we could all strip our clothes off and go skinny dipping with the devil.

Joe has shown us the consequences if we did.


BlackBerry Protects


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