I’m Trolling UTB!!!

Shhh. Don’t tell Brad….

I am relentlessly trolling UTB Blogs and pushing my agenda and spreading my propaganda. I won’t stop until everyone sees that the “old” BB10 devices are still good!

Today I received an awesome, “new” accessory in the mail; the BBRY Charger Bundle for the Z10. This is my second one and I am very pleased with myself. I got it on Amazon for $9.99!!! So at any moment, I am 5 minutes away from having a fresh, 100% charged battery in my phone, and if I’m away from a power outlet for a while, now I have a second in backup. Do you realize how awesome this is? I use my phone with complete impunity. I simply do not care how many videos I watch or messages I send or calls I have because I know the chances are almost zero that I will not have a fresh battery.

2 Charger Bundles
That’s at least 60 minutes worth of battery! LOL. More than that.

I think these charger bundles are a genius idea and I love replaceable batteries. I know BBRY seems to have decided that batteries will not be replaceable going forward, and I know they have their reasons, although I cannot remember what they are, but I still love being able to manage my power this way. I have a Q10 that I swap my SIM in and out of and I have a charger bundle for that device as well. I don’t think I need a second backup there, but if I ever see one for $10 you can bet I’ll be all over it. These little bundles are so convenient, you can carry them in your pocket. As I type this up, I have one charging off the USB port of my PC.

So for any of you who are still rockin’ the Z10, check out the Amazon deal on this accessory. It’s a great time and aggravation saver. There’s never a need to have a cord hanging from your device while you’re using it and you can be really reckless with your battery.

The “old” devices are still good!

And until the UTB illuminati silence my voice, I will continue to cheer for the “old” devices!!! (Or until I get a Classic or Passport.) :)

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