I’m [still] doing fine up here on Cloud 12


If you have not seen part one of this introduction to BES12 Cloud ( ♫ I’m doing fine up here on cloud 12 ☼ ) you may wish to do so.

In part one I showed how to:

  • Create an account to access the BlackBerry Enterprise Store.
  • Acquire a free 30 day evaluation of BES12 Cloud.
  • Create a tenant account used to access the cloud services. In this case it is BES12 Cloud.
  • Create an admin account to access the BES12 Cloud console.
  • Activate a BlackBerry 10 phone.
  • Switch from Personal side to Work side using BlackBerry Balance.

In this part two I show:

  • How to push apps to BlackBerry World – Work.
  • How to push an email account to the activated BB10 phone.
  • A brief introduction to BES12 policies.
  • How to deactivate a BB10 from BES12 Cloud.


jrohland has never been able to figure out how to use Capital letters in his name. He can't write like e.e. cummings but he word rhymes sometimes.

  • I must say, I miss managing the old BES server (4.0) that we had at work. I may look into a 30 day trial of BES 12. At least just to try it for myself.

    Nice detailed video, thanks for taking the time to create part I & II.

  • Damn JR! You ‘Da Man! Very cool. BlackBerry’s cloud is the only one I would even consider using. When I made the decision to go BlackBerry from Palm in 2007, I did so because they were the only player offering desktop backup and restore.

    I am inherently distrustful of putting my personal data on managed file servers over TCPIP, but I would certainly consider BlackBerry.