‘I’m Sending My Apple Watch Back’


The Apple Watch. Their most personal device yet!

And yet so utterly pointless.

Yes, my friends, in yet another striking blow for wearables (where are you now, Google Glass??) it would seem even iPhonians aren’t that enamoured with the point of the Apple Watch, even to the extent that when they get one, many are returning it as a waste of money.

Or so it would seem if you read the good pages of MacRumors, here’s the OP to tell all…

I’ve had the weekend to use the watch and decided it not for me

I pretty much have all Apple products, struggled with the iPad after owning an iPhone, but wouldn’t be with the iPad now, but the watch isn’t doing it for me.

Its trying to fix a problem which isn’t there.

I might feel the pull towards another Apple Watch when I see more need or must have application.

I mainly brought the Apple Watch to replace an old Garmin GPS watch, I use Strava and GPS when on my mountain bike. I always take my iPhone 6 in my bag for emergency if anyone gets hurt, so planned on pairing the phone for GPS use.

Using the Strava app on the watch is painful and doesn’t support HR monitoring at present ( GUTTED )

The messages and emails alerts don’t work 100%, quite a few other little issues.

I does a lot of stuff, but nothing perfect or amazing

Its really just doubling up on the iPhone which is pretty much always with me. Even working the dog, I ended up taking the phone out to check messages in more detail when the watch beeped.

Yes, note that most damning of phrases. ‘It’s trying to fix a problem which isn’t there’.

Here’s more from the same thread:

I’m in a similar position as the original poster, but I am going to try it for a full week at the least. Some of my thoughts after 2 days now are below:

The notifications when they work are ok, but not great. Many of the notifications are way too simple. Probably fixed by app updates, etc.

Haptic feedback is again ok when it works. OS prob needs an update.

Many of my emails won’t display and I get a message saying “email can’t be shown on the watch.” Kind of defeats the purpose but I’m guessing that will be fixed in time.

The screen while nice is just too small and I need to scroll way too often. That’s annoying.

The Watch is slow and slow to load but that spinning “waiting” graphic looks nice although it happens way too often.

Siri is hit or miss and no way to edit what it types incorrectly as far as I am aware. I will not talk to my phone in public which makes it nearly impossible to respond to texts without canned responses (take the phone out anyway)

The fitness aspect while nice is very basic but I do like the achievements. That may motivate some people. Wish it had GPS but that would prob kill the battery even more.

Battery life is an issue. When I workout at 545am for an hour my battery drain is about 20-25%. Not sure I’d make it through a full workday as I leave at 7a and get home at 7p. I will find out tomorrow when I get back into my office.

The Watch is too chunky. Probably the only Apple product that should be thinner but isn’t.

I like the overall design (except the thickness) more than I thought I would.

The OS while slow is pretty intuitive. I’ve had no issues learning what to do although sometimes force touch doesn’t do anything (no way to know this; only works on certain parts of the OS).

The biggest problem is the Watch (I have the 42mm Milanese loop) $699 is way too expensive for an accessory. The price is only slightly less then the cost of my iPhone 6 Plus at $849 and I find myself looking at my wrist (added step) and ultimately taking my phone out of my pocket anyway.

These are only two days of impressions and while I have lots of criticisms it is still a very nice looking piece. I almost like it more as just a watch then as a smart watch.

Yes, it’s a nice watch whose battery hardly lasts for $699.

And more…

I am not that excited about now either after trying my wife’s for a while. It is ok but most apps are sluggish and there is nothing that blows me away on it.

It is also hard to use because it’s tiny. I am talking about the 42mm too, wish they made a bigger one already.

What?? Tiny?? Hard to use??? Never.

Well said. It’s a lot of money for something that does so little. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple slashes the prices by 30-40% in the next year. I have the 42mm Sport and it seems like something that should cost no more than $249.

Also the exercise app is out of control. I just got done doing an hour workout, and I lost 27% battery. At this rate I’ll just top it off while I take a shower. But I don’t want to do that everyday after a workout.

Some people cliam it isn’t an issue. Even Joanna Stern mentioned it in her review. I want to keep it, but I may give it until Friday.

Even Joanna Stern??? Wow!

But, it’s ok! This guy has the answer!

I think a quick software update release from Apple would be smart. Even one that just fixed a couple small bugs and added an extra face or something. That may be the one thing that really makes the watch different than many others. The Citizen you bought is the exact same as it was 4 years ago. Reminding customers that the watch can evolve would be a smart move I think.

If it’s anything like and iOS update it’s more likely it would add a new face and disable the actual ‘Watch’ app rendering even it’s basic function utterly useless. The Watch equivalent of WiFried being FaceFried, or somesuch.

No, I’m afraid the Apple Watch is swimming against the tide here. Google Glass ultimately failed because it’s users looked stupid wearing it and it made everyone around them suspicious. The Apple Watch will ultimately fail because you will look stupid for showing off something which everyone else thinks is utterly useless and that you have more money than sense.

What keeps the aged iPhone alive is that iPhonians buy into the thought that they have bought the best, even though it’s patently a 2012 product masquerading as a fashion accessory.

The danger for Apple, of course, is that there might just be iPhonians who are bitten hard enough by their purchase of the Apple Watch to look again beyond the logo at their phone. At which point a ball starts rolling as to why Apple products are so expensive when they do so little.

If that genie gets out of the bottle Apple are in serious trouble.

So, here’s to the Apple Watch!

Return to sender!!


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