If WhatsApp Is Valued At £11.41bn, Then BBM Is A Winner

Broken Again...
Broken Again…

So, whilst the Whatsapp engineers busy themselves with fixing a cracked record something else popped out of the woodwork.

This morning in the UK when Whatsapp proudly announced their latest record high usage (closely followed it would seem by their latest record low usage since it is broken) Sky News ran an article showing the market valuations placed on Whatsapp by the London Stock Exchange.

And it makes very interesting reading for our far superior BBM baby.

Bear in mind as you read this that BBM only went cross platform, what, 2, 3 months ago? Whereas Whatsapp started there…

‘WhatsApp has handled a record 64 billion messages in just 24 hours, just a few weeks after the company was bought by Facebook. Some 20 billion messages went outbound, while 44 billion messages were received. That works out at around 750,000 messages handled by the company every second. It is unclear which specific 24-hour period the figures relate to. The outbound and inbound figures do not match because messages sent to multiple contacts are only counted as one outgoing message.

Chief executive Jan Koum recently said the company had more than 200 million active monthly users. By comparison, BlackBerry Messenger has 60 million users who send and receive around 10 billion messages each day. Korea’s KakaoTalk claims 96 million registered users, who send 5.2 billion messages between them per day.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in February for $19bn (£11.4bn), and just days later it suffered an outage. It also came under scrutiny for privacy issues, prompting some analysts to speculate on whether it could continue its rapid growth.’

The article then has a graph showing the LSE valuations, apologies for those outside the UK, all I can assure you of is that the comaprative companies used are major brands here:

Whatsapp Overtakes Corporate Giants

Whatsapp £11.41 billion
Next £9.37 billion
M & S £8.06 billion
Burberry £6.57 billion
G4S £3.26 billion

The point is this, if Whatsapp, a messaging service which seems to now fall over with disturbing regularity, is worth £11.41 billion and has only 3.25 times the userbase of BBM, it’s not going to take BBM long to catch up.

And BBM is faster, SECURE BY DESIGN (so can be leveraged with services such as BBM Money with no hassle) and more feature rich than Whatsapp.

Not to say there aren’t problems but these are being addressed at the beginning, not the end.

So, what will it be worth in a year?

If your friend won’t or, in the case of a work phone, CAN’T get a BlackBerry, help them out!

Let then feel like they have one and help them download BBM today!

Source: Sky News – Whatsapp Record 64bn messages in 24 Hours

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