If Naomi Campbell Has A BlackBerry Passport…

naomi campbell

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading a scathing 2 star review of the Passport by Stuart Miles of Pocket Lint.

Stuarts problem was that he didn’t like the design. Or the apps (yes, he trotted that one out again – wrong again Stuart!). In fact, Stuart went as far as to end his piece with the following:

If you were hoping the BlackBerry Passport would be your next BlackBerry then don’t. Its ghastly design will see this square-screen oddity a write-off for most and its short list of positives won’t be enough to save BlackBerry in today’s fast-moving world where Apple, Samsung, and others, play. It’s not how we wanted to see it end, but the Passport will likely be the company’s latest albatross until someone throws the unsold stock back into the sea.

It’s not hip to be square.

Yes, yet again, someone tries to make out that one device will sink the company if not successful. That drums broken from banging!

As far as whether the Passport is ‘hip’ is concerned, well, I think I’ll trust supermodel, actor, activist, mentor and Executive Producer of The Face Naomi Campbell with that rather than Stuart as she has posted a pic of the Passport on Instagram (as you can see from the pic) which has, in a metter of a few hours, attracted 11,000 likes and someone living in 2012.

Who must have an iPhone.

If you think about it, would a supermodel and business woman as canny as Naomi, entrust her personal pics to the leaky iCloud and carry a bendy phone?

Or would she prefer to be secure and work on the move?

When will these lazy reviewers learn that the tide is turning?

Is it hip to be square?

Naomi knows…


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