ICYMI: Sprint Backs Out on Priv Promise


In case you missed it Sprint has confirmed via Twitter that it would not be carrying the Priv by BlackBerry, less than 24 hours after confirming that they would be carrying the Priv by BlackBerry.

After AT&T’s initial exclusive ran out, T-Mobile was quick to jump on the Priv train, leaving Verizon late to the party, but at least they showed up. Something Sprint is choosing not to do.

Some are claiming the decision is based on lackluster sales of the Priv, however I see that as being the same as claiming the egg came before the chicken. As Chen alluded to during the earnings statement, the slow uptake by carriers may have been a contributing factor in the sales figures of the Priv. There is no doubt that if Sprint made the decision to start carrying the Priv now, it would be the equivalent of showing up to the party after everyone else is already three sheets to the wind.

Most importantly, while Sprint played wishy-washy-will-I-or-won’t-I, news of two more BlackBerry devices have hit the wind. We already know that US carriers really only put effort in on the newest of devices, even smaller carriers like Sprint.

BlackBerry fans on the Sprint network have a decision to make. Stick with Sprint and hope that they will pick up one of the two new rumored devices when they arrive? Or judge Sprint on past merit and move on to a carrier where they can pick up a new BlackBerry device now?

Are there any Sprint users here? What will you do?


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