ICYMI: LAPD Concerned About Intelligence Of iPhone Users

It’s been a long running joke of mine that the iPhone is a simple phone for simple users. My iFriends never really seem to appreciate that joke. But I laugh and laugh at my humor. I remember having some fun at another site, using the same type of humor, saying that iPhonians weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. The shocking thing to me then, was that I had someone so vehemently defending iPhones while attacking BlackBerry on a site that was supposed to be a BlackBerry centric site. I later learned to expect that and not to be surprised by that there. But I do remember my response. I was very proud of it at the time. And a quick internet search finds my comment!

 I’m sure there are plenty of sharp people that use iOS. However the few dull blades out there? They definitely use iOS. And they’re the ones that tend to be very vocal about it and tend to troll places like this page. So we simply have more exposure to the dull bladed iOS users than those extremely sharp iOS users.

I remember it to be so much smarter than it actually was. I kind of wish I would have just stuck with the memory instead of finding it again. But oh well. It is a good example of what I think. I understand that iPhone is popular, although it seems much less so now than when I originally wrote that. And as a phone that has reached that level of popularity, it is going to have a wide range of users. So yes, there will be scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc. that do use the phone. I wouldn’t even begin to argue against that. Those users may choose the iPhone based on the availability of apps which they need, they choose it because they are fans of Apple, it’s only fair they have fans also. But I still think that the vast majority of those users fall in to another category. A category that can be most easily categorized with one word. Gullible.

Chose the iPhone because all your friends have it so it must be best? Gullible.

Chose iPhone because they sell so many phones? Gullible.

Chose iPhone because you believe that Apple cares about your privacy? So Gullible!

Chose iPhone because you’ve been told it was a smartphone? You poor gullible user! Enjoy your app launcher!

And it appears the LAPD agrees with me! Think back just a short time ago. Remember the iWave? It was an internet joke saying that you could recharge an iPhone in a microwave. We laughed and we laughed! We joked about how iPhonians would probably believe it. It was a great time

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But we didn’t really think they would did we? I mean, granted, when iOS 7 came out, there was an equally funny joke that said the software update would make the iPhone waterproof. And we heard stories that some iPhone users truly believed it, and ruined their app launchers trying it.


Apparently the LAPD had the same thoughts we did, and a few weeks ago tweeted out a warning to it’s followers. Yes, they really did. The Los Angeles Police Department, was so frightened for iPhone users safety, that they felt the need to tweet out a warning, that an internet gag, telling users that they should microwave their iPhones, was a hoax. Isn’t that just a bit sad?


And again, we know not all iPhone users would be dense enough to treat their iPhone like a bag of extra butter microwave popcorn. But we laughed at the idea that perhaps some would believe it. The LAPD probably wasn’t laughing along with us. But they were surely concerned that it could happen. And the funny thing is, photos of burned up iPhones in microwaves started making their way around the interwebs. Odds are those nuked phones were done as a joke, to be posted and get laughs after the original gag. But then again… would you really be surprised if some iPhonian tried it?



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