ICYMI: Joan Rivers Loves Her iPhone 6!

Sometimes I’m like a broken record. I know it. I’ve been saying for a while now that the iPhone is a fad, that the only reason it sells as it does, has nothing to do with what it can or cannot do, but because it’s ‘popular’. We can all remember back to junior high and remember, if the cool kids had something, by God we want it too! Unfortunately, that’s how the majority of American consumers shop. Fortunately, I’m not the typical American consumer.

Apple has a new iPhone, which is really just a bigger version of the old iPhone. And the iPhone has been around for a while now, So how do you keep it as the fad? How do you keep it popular? The easiest way is to get the popular kids to use it and show it off. And who are the popular kids in the US? Celebrities of course. The smart thing for Apple to do, is to get celebrities hitting social media, showing that they are excited about the new iPhone, that they are getting it. It would be genius to hire celebrities to post about the iPhones, not in a commercial, but talking about it in their social media outlets. That way it seems more like they are giving their personal opinion of it instead of being paid to act in a television commercial.

Of course there’s no proof of Apple doing this.

By the way, in case you missed it, earlier this week, the late great Joan Rivers posted on her Facebook about how excited she was to be getting the new iPhone 6. Yeah, you read that right.

Loved Joan Rivers, but was so shocked to see her talking about the iPhone 6 this week!
Loved Joan Rivers, but was so shocked to see her talking about the iPhone 6 this week!

The above post showed up on Joan River’s Facebook earlier this week, and was quickly taken down. But not before people noticed.

Of course, as far as marketing goes, there’s nothing really wrong with getting celebrities to promote a product this way. There’s nothing illegal about it. But it does make you question how many of those that seemed excited on social media about their new iPhone 6 actually were going to be rushing out to get one, and how many were just on the payroll.



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