ICYMI: BlackBerry Hamburg Specs Revealed


The internets were aflutter earlier today with the possible specs of the upcoming BlackBerry device codenamed Hamburg. Specs for the STG100 appeared on GFXBench.

If these specs are indeed the same specs we shall see when the device hits store shelves, the Hamburg have a 1920×1080 5.2″ screen. It will be running an octa core CPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 (Cortex A53 – ARMv8) and will be running Android 6.0.1 out of the box.

For those concerned about the selfie cam, as that was of such interest on the Priv, we can expect 7MP to capture every blemish, as well as a 12mp primary camera.

For the full spec sheet from GFXBench see the image below.





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  • fishlove73

    External SD? Removable battery?

    • Nayalm

      BBRY did the BlackBerry10’s midrange very wrong, what would save the Android by BlackBerry from the same fate?
      And let us not forget price wise will make sure that customers stay clear from the product way before launching.

  • Anthony

    If the device is running “Marshmallow” why not call the device “Hamburger” locco_smiley_25

  • bartron

    People need to realize that 1080p HD video is only 2Mpixels, and 4K video is 8Mpixels. So everybody should stop complaining & criticizing phones that “only” have a 2Mp front camera. I’ll bet very few of those people can even tell the difference between 1080p and 4K when watching it on their phones.

    This looks to be a very solid phone. It will sell well in the enterprise market.