I’ve just switched from my Leap to my Priv in anticipation of the upcoming release of the next android OS, Marshmallow. Marshmallow offers up some nifty new features including the ability to set app permissions. This may come in handy for folks that have a work app or personal app that triggers DTEK.

The issue – I’m not exactly sure when it will be rolled out. Back at CES in early January, Ron Louks stated that BlackBerry would release specific details concerning Marshmallow for the Priv by late 1st quarter – according to my calendar that leaves only 3 weeks. Hopefully it’s been fully tested and will be rolled out by BlackBerry as the April ‘security update’, thereby bypassing the Carriers and their horrific delays.

So just as my Priv finished with its’ updates, I notice an article stating that Google has dropped a developers version of ‘N’ (Nutella?), the follow-on OS to Marshmallow! But if that wasn’t enough there is a beta available if you have a qualified device (appears to be limited to Nexus handsets for now)!!

So if you want to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ and step into a time machine for a peek at what the future of Androidia has to offer, click here.


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