I Tried To Clear The ZONE, But I Failed To CLEAR IT

Did you read the TITLE? Yes, I did try to clear the zone where a fly had entered but I failed.

How did it start ? From where?

My friend, Roger set himself the challenge of creating a native app just using in-built animations present inside Cascades. Finally, he succeeded in creating a simple, yet mildly addictive app. This app is  called NO FLY ZONE.

IMG_20141201_130429 IMG_20141201_125553 IMG_20141201_125543 IMG_20141201_125534

In the game you have to splat the flies that appear on the screen which gives you a rather satisfying green splodge.

I had installed the game on my device today and turned it on. Then I started checking my mails on laptop simultaneously, I started hearing a buzz sound from my laptop. So, I started thinking that something weird had happened to it and lifted up my laptop to hear whether the noise was from my laptop speakers or from somewhere else in room.

I closed all the tabs on my laptop, that was no use then I gave a look at my device. Aha! That’s it! I started laughing at myself for ignoring the fly sounds from app which I turned ON.  Then I started playing the game, for a moment I didn’t realized that it’s not a graphics embedded game but still it’s the best to test your fingers.

Though this game looks pretty simple it is until you start advancing. This fly will be moving very fast once you advance and you have to hit them with your finger. The attempts are counted when you are hitting a fly, if you fail to hit a fly on few successive hits, then that’s it.


We challenge you, what’s the best you got with your fingers?

Come to our forums and post a screenshot of your high-score. Let’s see who stands best.

This game is absolutely FREE, rate the app 5* users.