I Told You NOT To Believe The “Hype”

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So, in an interview today Blackberry CEO John Chen stated “I don’t have any plans to jettison the handset business. We love the handset business,” Chen told FOX Business. Chen also followed up with stating “I do plan to make money in the handset business.”

This goes against what most other sites have been saying the last couple of days in the wake of the previous articles. Chen has LONG been saying he wants to keep our “ICON” alive, Blackberry (under RIM) was indeed the first of the smartphones and paved the way to where we are today, and where we are going in the future of handhelds if you look at what is in the pipeline for the company now.
Yes, Mr. Chen has stated that he was going to focus on Enterprise and other business applications, but think about it, why would the thought of abandoning handhelds even make sense? Integration will be key, and Mr. Chen has been showing that he has a pretty good idea of what path will be best for this company, and in the opinion of many so far, Mr. Chen has been steering in a positive direction for that end game goal.

When full interviews are read, the whole truth will come out instead of partial truths.

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Source: Fox Business



  • Nice Mopar. None of your’s or UTB’s readers in general were mislead or misinformed about this issue. Very cool.

    One small point: I think it’s fair to say the first smartphone was either a Palm device or powered by Palm. It didn’t have email or a web browser, but it combined the functionality of a Palm Pilot with a telephone: contacts, calendar, tasks, memos. I may be being a little fastidious, but I was a Palm user before BB and thought they were a decent company.