I Think I’m Liking This New COO

Marty Beard
Marty Beard


The ink was hardly dry on the employment agreement for John Chen’s latest addition to the C-Suite at BlackBerry Ltd, when the company’s new Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard was impressing mightily in a recent interview about his new role. Not only with his grasp of the mobile industry, but just his go-getter attitude in general.

I’ll let him speak for himself:

Q: Some would see it as a risk to go to a company that has struggled. Why join BlackBerry?

A: No. I have extremely high confidence we will meet the operational goals. Let’s say you join a company at the top of mountain, and all you try to do is stay at the top of the mountain. They’re are risks associated with that. Staying at the top is not a no-brainer. Over the last five to 10 years, we’ve seen incredible whipsaws in mobility. There will be more [market leader changes] and we can’t predict exactly which ones there will be. So there is risk in transforming yourself, but there is also a huge opportunity in the direction we’re going. I love when people think something is done or that you’ve lost A, B, or C. I’m very competitive so I love that challenge. I think that we’re going to prove a lot of people wrong.


And you could very well be right, Mr. Beard. Yes indeed. Go get ’em. ;)





I.T. Consultant/CIO in San Francisco, CA USA

  • xBURK

    I can’t wait to see how Marty and Mr. Chen launch devices in North America.. I truly believe we will now witness how it should have been done from day one.

    • bungaboy

      Totally agree!

  • G-bone

    There is a reason why EVERYONE who has worked with J.C. has jumped at the chance to come work with him at BlackBerry : they’re PUTTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!
    And not just because they band made beautiful music together ; they see the strong potential of BlackBerry, they understand the strengths of BlackBerry, and they know the very public challenge, and ultimate success, of this challenge will do them all good. Why such confidence? ’cause they all know what they can do, they all know what J.C. can do, they know the inherent and iconic strengths of BlackBerry, and they know : WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE, SWEET LOVE.
    Dude left a CEO position to come fly with BlackBerry. Dude is a very smart dude.
    He knows what we know : Future belongs to BlackBerry.
    Turn out the lights.


    • Canuckvoip

      I used that band line on somebody the other day!
      Marty sounds just as serious as Chen is about coming back HARD.