I choose BlackBerry, I can justify it. Can you defend your iPhone?

So, I have owned a BlackBerry off and on for a long time. I have also had various devices as a second phone. From a Moto Q right to the iPhone 5 and all kinds of weird stuff in between. If you currently use a BlackBerry, this article really isn’t for you. You already know. What i would like to know is; how many people ot there using iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phone or what have you? Have actually used a BlackBerry 10 device? Why do you still use the device you have? I can tell you why I use my BlackBerry.


I like how long I can use my phone between Charges, yes I plug it in every night…. but I like knowing I don’t have to, I usually have 55-60% left. Can you honestly say that for your device? Be honest here, I am writing this for your benefit.

I like the versatility, as I am using a Z30 I no longer have need for any other computing device, most of the time anyway. I am proud to say this device has the best browser available on a smartphone. Don’t take my word for it though, directly from Venturebeat.com.

“In a recent study conducted by app-data-crunching startup, newrelic.com, the nerds found out that BlackBerry’s mobile browser can load a page in about a second and a half.

The next closest competitor in terms of mobile browser speed takes nearly 5 seconds to load the same page. Who ever would have thought it?”

I really like being able to access any files on my PC SECURELY from anywhere in the world through remote file access or RFA



I could go on and on. I’m sure you would like a second opinion though.

Here is a review I found on Amazon.com by “Sandy”

“I bought the unlocked version from Malaysia.

Only a company such as RIM / Blackberry can do this. I can keep writing forever about how great I find this phone to be. But here is a short and quick review..

I have been using an iPhone 5 and BB Z10. The Z10 itself was much better than the iPhone in several departments but was lacking some crucial features such as a confusing copy paste functionality and weak battery life.. With Z30’s new hardware and OS 10.2, BB has taken it to the a whole new level. The Z30 has the best network coverage. In a basement where my iPhone gives me 1 or 2 signal bars, the Z30 gives me almost full network. The call voice quality is amazingly clear and natural. The speakers give a stereo sound. Off-course you cant compare it with a home theater system, but it is certainly one of the best and it makes the experience of watching Youtube videos, Pandora very enjoyable. The screen resolution though not 1080p is really nice. BB OS10.2 has some drastic changes and improvements. With USB host, I connected a mouse, keyboard and pen drive to it and also connected it to a monitor via Miracast. I was amazed to see how the Z30 delivered in all the departments. BB OS10.2 is way better than iOS7. Trust me on this.. Once you get used to the gesture based navigation on a BB, you would never ever like to use the iPhone. In OS10.2, you can instantly reply to messages through the notifications without leaving your current screen. Lastly not to mention, with moderate usage, my battery lasted about 2 and a half days. This beats every other phone in the competition.”

Yay Sandy!


Now tell me…………..what is it about your smart-device that keeps you from buying a shiny new BlackBerry?  It’s the lack of apps right? Nope. BlackBerry has them all, except maybe a few ios-specific ones and well, who knows if they will be allowed to work with ios8. Durability? Nope. Netflix? Got that. Riiight! it’s the music player! Naaa, With the latest update to BlackBerry’s os you don’t even need to load Neutron Player anymore to get the best sound I’ve heard in a mobile device… they’ve included a very good EQ.

Let me summarize a bit. BlackBerry has a better browser, music player, battery, call quality (did I forget that?), all the apps you need, better reception. Am I forgetting anything? Probably. But you get the picture. So get out there and treat yourself, you deserve it!


About the only thing ios is better at is leaking naked selfies without your permission, oops.



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