I Bought an Apple Watch Immediately, but After a Month I’m Done


In today’s issue of the Business Insider there is yet another article from an Apple user who has given up on the Apple Watch.  The author, Jay Yarow was very enthusiastic about the Apple Watch when it was first launched and immediately bought it as soon as it became available.

His initial enthusiasm was short lived as he has given up after wearing it for 30 days and has put it on sale on Craigslist.  He could have saved himself the trouble if he had read my previous article, UTB contributors Biggly’s or Brad’s article.

Here is what Jay had to say

There’s almost nothing that’s better through the watch versus the phone. Get a text on the wrist? Cool! Whip out your phone and respond. Get an email? Cool! Whip out your phone to respond. Want to see the score of a basketball game? You’re better off looking at your phone than using a watch app.

The fitness tracking is better, but the iPhone already counts steps, which works well enough for me.

Also, I have two nice watches that are now sitting on my bureau collecting dust. I’d like to start wearing them again.

And so I am looking to ditch my Apple Watch.


Oh dear!  We could have told you so Jay.  Right now for all practical purposes it is an overpriced accessory for the little that it does.  Jay continues his observation:

As constructed, the Apple Watch is unlikely to be a smash hit. It’s a $400-plus accessory for the iPhone. Disappointingly, it’s not a $400-plus enhancement to the phone.

And, by the way, price a big part of this. It feels weird paying over $400 for something that does a fraction of what a $650-plus iPhone can do. Yes, a Rolex costs thousands of dollars, and it only tells time. But that’s just the nature of things. Apple can try to position itself as a luxury brand all it wants. It’s not a luxury brand, and the Apple Watch is not a luxury watch. Sorry!


Not to be outdone, Jay had the following to say about Apple Watch’s performance

However, apps on the watch are slow to respond. The email apps are disappointing. Overall, it just feels a bit clunky. When people ask me for my review of the watch, I tell them that I think the watch is still two years away from being a great product.

So there you have it folks.  An iPhonian is finally able to see through all the marketing glitz and glamour and call the Apple Watch for what it really is.  Unfortunately for Apple there are other users who have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction as well.  What will this mean for Apple Watch?  Only time will tell.



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