Hundreds of iPhone apps Infected in the ios App Store


Today several websites, including the Verge, BBC, the Telegraph , 9 to 5 mac and others are reporting that hundreds of ios apps in Apple’s App Store have been compromised. These apps were infected with a malicious code referred to as “XcodeGhost”, which allows sensitive data from unsuspecting users to be collected and then sent to servers under the control of hackers.

In order to obtain this information, the compromised code generates fake alerts that prompt users to re-enter information such as login passwords for various apps.  This code also has the ability to access and read information from other apps such as password keeper and steal its contents.


Several app developers unknowingly used a modified version of Xcode, which is the official software for creating ios apps. This software embedded malicious code deeply into the app and was missed by Apple reviewers before being made available for download from the app store.

A list of affected apps can be obtained here (Courtesy of 9 to 5 mac)

Unfortunately for Apple, this is another black eye for them where security is concerned. In the last year they have had several security breaches including the “iCloud celebrity photo hack”, the Heartbleed hack (Aviva), the doulCi Hack and the Oleg Pliss randsom demand.

More information on Apple’s security breaches can be found in the “iPhone and SECURITY? – GAME OVER!!!” article by UTB contributor razrrob.


Despite its vast resources Apple still cannot get it right where security is concerned. With this latest development, it will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to this latest security issue.

For those who value security, there is no other choice than BlackBerry.  It is recognized as the “gold standard” where security is concerned.  Various governments and organizations such as NATO, the G7, law offices and various industries use BlackBerry because they trust it to keep their confidential information and communications secured.



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