HummingBad Malware for Android


Another malware for Android comes flitting on to the scene. Called HummingBad, this malware seems to be popping up first attached to adult apps found in third party app stores. However this malware works much like previous malwares Brain Test and Ghost Push which were found in apps on the Google Play Store.

HummingBad has the ability to root the phone, giving it root access each time the phone is restarted. Once it gains it’s privileges, it begins a two prong attack. In one attack it will begin showing unwanted ads on the phone, the second attack is to begin installing other apps. At this point, this is all HummingBad has been observed doing, which in the world of malware is rather mild, but with root access, it would be very simple for the malware creators to carry out much more aggressive attacks.

HummingBad has so far only been seen on a few devices, however the servers are still up and running and like all malware, I expect the threat to grow.

For Priv by BlackBerry owners, we can still be at ease, as the Priv has yet to be rooted, and without root, this threat is negated.  As a near great man said often, ‘if you can root it, you can’t secure it’. I think it’s time Google and other Android OEM’s stepped up their game. If BlackBerry can do it on the first effort, why can’t they?

Source: Softpedia


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