Hues brings Threes! style gaming to BlackBerry 10.


I’ve noticed a game that iOS and android users have been playing lately, and its called Threes!. Sadly, like most trending games, BlackBerry users are on the sidelines… until now.The amazing developers at ReFocus Labs, the same Devs that brought you Tilt, ARKick and Pastry Push, have brought the good people of the world of BlackBerry their own version of Threes!, called Hues.


Hues is a simple but highly addictive puzzle/card game that was inspired by Threes! and another android game called 2048. The difference in this game, compared to the other apps, is that you match colors instead of numbers. In the start screen you’ll find three modes; 60 seconds, 75 moves and infinite game play (which can be unlocked for 99 cents). The other on screen buttons include a inventory, leaderboards, settings, and the clan button. Most of those buttons are pretty self explanatory but the clan button adds a bit of humor to this fun game. That’s where you find the names for the different tiles and a little back ground info on each.


Some of the unique features that you’ll only find on BlackBerry include intuitive swipe to slide input, also QWERTY input for the Q devices. You’ll also notice the GUI change as you unlock the highest level color, what ever the highest color you unlock, that’s what the UI changes to. This app is built for all BlackBerry devices and is free to play with that one in app purchase.


Like I said before, this is highly addictive and I’ve been playing it all morning. I’ll be tweeting out my highest score and any colors I unlock. If you want in on the fun just click on the link and give Hues a try. If you want to keep track of my score and let me know your own, follow me @nightrunner82 and let me know how far you get. My highest score is 2434 and the highest color is Lovely Lilac. Can you beat that?