Hue Companion Gets Updated!


Our friend and BlackBerry developer, Tony Cresswell, just released a newer build to his very popular Hue Companion app.

Whats new in version are as follows:


*Passport UI Fixes
*Seasonal Xmas Light Preset Theme added to home page
*Toggle light switch to turn on OR off all lights, dependant on current state
*Extra commands fixed/added for NFC
*UI Tweaks
*Bug fixes

Looks like a very fun update that’s just in time for the holidays!

If you have or plan on getting the Hue lights, then you might want to give Tony’s app a look.

You can find it in the BlackBerry World for $2.99.


  • nnik

    Wow! What will they think of next!

  • bartron

    I was looking at this just before this article was posted. It seems quite good, but I’m not sure if the hardware will suit my needs. I hope it does.