Huawei Takes a Swipe at Apple’s Face ID

Face ID didn’t have the best of introductions, and Huawei noticed.

Apple’s as yet unreleased iPhone X had quite an introduction, that just didn’t go as well as planned. While showing off one of the key features, it didn’t work. Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering was going to show off the new Face ID, which unlocks the phone with your face, and ended up having to use a PIN password instead.

Apple was quick to state the following day that there was nothing wrong with Face ID. Apple states that after unsuccessful attempts, a PIN password must be used, and that in the set up for the demonstration, the phone had registered those that handled the device as attempting to unlock it. It seems to be a valid excuse, as the documentation for the process states how this would work. But Federighi’s face tells a different story. But in the end, Federighi saved the show by awkwardly clucking like a chicken. That’s just something that can’t be unseen.

Huawei has put out a new teaser for it’s new Mate 10, that doesn’t really tease the phone as much as tease Apple. Captioned with “Let’s face it, facial recognition isn’t for everyone.
Unlock the future with #TheRealAIPhone. 16.10.2017″ the following video shows not only facial unlocking failing, but I have a feeling it’s calling those that will use it clowns. It may not be polite, but at least it’s humorous.


Let's face it, facial recognition isn't for everyone.Unlock the future with #TheRealAIPhone. 16.10.2017

Posted by Huawei Mobile on Friday, September 15, 2017

Source: BGR


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