Huawei Finds it’s not the Best Buy

Best Buy says no more to Huawei.

Huawei is finding the American market not very welcoming. US intelligence officials made it perfectly clear that they did not trust Huawei for security reasons as the company is seen to have very close ties to the Chinese government. While the company had hoped to sell it’s new Mate 10 Pro, through AT&T, the carrier backed once the intelligence questions began to be asked.

AT&T’s refusal to sell the company’s devices left two outlets to sell their new flagship. That was Amazon and Best Buy. Before the device was even available in the US, Huawei was caught promoting a contest which led to fake reviews for the unreleased device on the Best Buy website.

Now, Best Buy is backing off of Huawei as well. The Mate 10 Pro was released and is currently on sale on the retailer’s website, however they will stop selling the device in the next few weeks. It is not clear if they will be selling out the last of their stock, or simply removing the item from sale. What is clear, is that Best Buy will not be restocking the device and there are no plans to sell the device in the future.

It appears the last option for users in the US to purchase the Mate 10 Pro will be through Amazon. But would anyone really want to at this point?

Source: Bloomberg 


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