Huawei Cut Off From Google Android

Huawei’s worst fears realized.

What can an android phone maker do without Google Android? Well, in the global market, not much, and Huawei is about to find that out. Today, due to the recent U.S. executive order declaring a national emergency over threats against American technology, Google revoked Huawei’s Android license.

The Chinese phone maker will no longer have access to Google’s version of Android, the Google Play Store, or any of Google’s services. If the company chooses to continue on with Android, it will be forced to utilize the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Although the company had been rumored to be creating it’s own operating system, probably due to the threat of losing Google Android, we have seen numerous good operating systems go nowhere in the duopoly that is Google Android and iOS.

But what of all those current users of Huawei devices? It may not be all bad news for those users. Although the details remain unclear at this point, it looks like Google will take over providing security updates for those current devices. Future devices will have no access. We can be sure more news will be heading our way as this is figured out.

Source: Reuters


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