Huawei Apple’s the iPhone, Great Idea

Huawei brings a notch you can do away with.

Earlier today, Huawei announced a few new phones. The P20 and P20 Pro. With the recent questions about the phone maker’s Chinese connection, the US government, carriers, and Best Buy choosing not to support current devices, I think it’s fair to say I won’t be seeing these phones here. However, there’s one aspect to these phones that I hope catches on.

Let’s just say that Huawei out-Apple’d the iPhone. For a little bit of background, there is a saying that is often used within the virtual halls of UTB. Coined by a former Italian-Canadian blogger, the term is “to Apple”, “Appled”, or “Appleing”. What does that mean? It means to copy something. To take something which someone else has done, and done well, then to take it, and call it your own. In this case, Huawei has take the notched route, and did it better.

I don’t like the notch. From the first time I saw the original notch, on the Essential phone, I hated it. Then, when Apple took the notch as their own, I hated it even more. Then the rumors started that Android phone makers would be bringing out notches in their phones. I’m not happy about that. Not at all. Perhaps it’s my own self diagnosed OCD that just sets me off about these notches in the screen of the phones. I just can’t imagine using one.

Huawei built in a feature in these notched phones for people like me. With a simple option in setting, the notch goes away. The small fingers of screen on either side of the notch simply go dark, and that annoying monstrosity at the top of the screen appears to be just a simple bezel like we are used to seeing.

I won’t be purchasing a Huawei phone, but I hope that any phone maker that decides to make a notched phone takes this simple fix to allow us not to be annoyed by this poor design.

Source: CNET



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