HQ Trivia is Playing Dirty Pool

The popular app appears to be afraid of competition.

HQ Trivia became quite a popular app in it’s time on iOS, it recently became available on Android, and is already not playing nice.

The app is a live gameshow, in which users are given the opportunity to answer the hosts questions, and in return, have a chance of winning a share of cash prizes. In effect, it is like any trivia gameshow you’ve ever watched, but instead of screaming the answers at your television screen, you’re tapping them in to your phone and have a chance to actually win something yourself. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, but I’m sure any fan of gameshows would appreciate the opportunity.

There is another app that appeared on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store about a month ago. This app was surprisingly similar. Called The Q, it was also a live gameshow app which allowed users the opportunity to win cash prizes. The primary differences between the two apps is that The Q’s payouts were smaller, and it had an app that was available across iOS and Android, whereas HQ Trivia was, at that point, only available on iOS.

Now that HQ Trivia has arrived on Android, it’s not exactly playing fair. The Q has been removed from the Google Play Store citing a trademark complaint.

“It was because we had the letter Q in our name,” stated Will Jamieson who started The Q. “Instead of competing in the market where gameshows have been around since the invention of TV, it’s unfortunate our competitors are relying on dirty tactics and desperate behavior.”

“Dirty tactics and desperate behavior” may just be putting it too politely. In a post at The Daily Beast from November, the threatening behavior of HQ Trivia’s co-founder and CEO would probably come as a shock to anyone that enjoys the game. I hope HQ Trivia enjoys it’s success now, as I can’t imagine it will be long lived under the current management.

source: Mashable


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