How Would An Apple Car Perform?

Early Car, with Man with a Flag

With rumours abound that Apple are to buy Tesla (ironically the place many Apple employees have escaped to – welcome back!) the tech press have begun to speculate on what an Apple car would look like or, more importantly, how it would perform.

PC Mag thought they had the answer with this, a product supreme of the iPhonian dream that they really DO make things that work properly:

You don’t need to be an insider to know that Apple doesn’t introduce a product to the world until it fits its definition of perfection.


However, with their track record with the Mac and iPhone, this, from The Guardian, seems a lot more likely…


But could Apple really do it? The company is certainly in the business of making desirable hardware sold at comfortable margins, but that might not translate.

After all, going by Apple’s track record, there are likely to be some speed bumps in the way.

1. The first model will crash, a lot

Everyone knows the advice with Apple products: skip the first generation. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were all slightly lacklustre, and the first release of the software is generally crash-prone. Fine in an MP3 player; not so good on a highway.

2. The antenna won’t pick up radio (but it’s all your fault)

Are you sure you aren’t just holding the steering wheel wrong? But don’t worry, it’ll soon turn out that other car companies have exactly the same problem, it’s just no one reads their manuals.

3. Bono will be on the stereo, whether you like him or not

You don’t understand, it’s a gift from Tim Cook. A gift which will have you frantically searching through user forums trying to work out how to regift it, and permanently afraid of shuffling songs lest U2’s gentle croons assault you again.

4. It’ll cost twice as much as a Google car that’s also a bit bigger

Meanwhile, people who actually prefer a more compact car will be left high and dry by the ongoing wars to sell the biggest car possible, as Silicon Valley forgets yet again that not everyone is like them.

5. There will be a social network to let you share your favourite drives

It’ll be called “Vroom”. No-one will use it, it will fail almost instantly, and if you mention its name a few years later, even Apple will feign ignorance.

6. The built-in GPS will be Apple Maps

Good luck!

7. After three years software updates will make it slow to a crawl

Don’t say “planned obsolescence” though. And really you should be thankful – other cars don’t upgrade their operating system at all.

8. It’ll bend badly if you drive it wearing skinny hipster jeans

In, like, three cases ever. But the media will be all over them.

9. You’ll be able to buy a solid gold version

At least until the first drivers realise that such a car would struggle to overcome its own inertia, and be unable to support its own weight, trapping the occupant inside an expensive, shiny coffin.

10. And of course … the battery will run out by 4pm every day

But it’s fine, because you’ll be able to plug it into your in-car charger … um …

I think it’s fair to say The Guardian are nearer the mark, although they missed one…

It’ll cost a fortune and lots of people will excuse the fact it doesn’t work properly at all.


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  • nnik

    ….but hey! It’s for people that didn’t want to get to work anyway, nor do they need to, the car is heavily subsidized as is their phone. What more could they want?

  • Blackjack

    They should probably see how that watch thing goes before embarking on this endeavor. Probably just hype to keep the stock overpriced.

  • davemorgan

    It will have half the warranty of everyone else, need special fuel (or at least a special nozzle to put fuel in) and once a few have been sold the nozzle will change and you will need an adaptor.

    I think it will happen, but it’s not Apples market and Automotive is a cut throat market place.

    Oh, it will still probably need BlackBerry to provide the OS to run the damn thing. So BlackBerry could win if it does happen.

  • Poita316

    And it will only run on iFuel that can only be bought at official resellers at 3 times the going gas price.

  • Zensen

    Will we start seeing more windshields broken too, rejuvenating that market?

    The battery will be in built (non removable) and as such the car will need to be replaced sooner but it’ll still hold its value due to the logo.

    I do remember making funny remarks to the name of the ipad and look what they’ve done with that.

    In all honesty, I think the automotive industry needs a bit of kick up the Arse esp when it comes to the use of the fuels we run and apple has the reach to get the car more connected.

    I don’t think tesla runs qnx and car play could introduce it :p

    I don’t think them buying tesla would hinder other car makers into introducing similar tech but as long we don’t have carriers selling us car we’ll be right :p

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Crap! I hadn’t thought of carriers selling it! ‘You want a BlackBerry? Are you sure you don’t want the iPhone 11 with free iCar?’

  • Anthony

    Apple buying Tesla would be horrible. Tesla is definitely cool as it is.

    What would Apple do with Tesla? Move production to China and store the majority of its cash off-shore. People are quick to forget what happened with the company it financed to produce sapphire crystal glass in the US.

    The car would have only 3 radio stations, Mo U2 Mo Money, Beatles Forever, and iBeatsOff by Dr. Dre. locco_smiley_35

    • Brad



    It will be interesting to see how Apple addresses the dirty little secret of all battery powered cars;


    Do the math. In order to provide enough heat to clear the windshield and warm the passengers in the average northern hemisphere winter, the range of the car will be cut by a factor of ten or more. Battery powered vehicles have, for all intents and purposes, NO HEAT.

    That makes them great little cars for Key West but not for anywhere further north. There is a reason that Prius owners run their gasoline powered engines all winter and most of the shoulder month. It’s because they don’t want to freeze to death. That makes the Prius into a gas burner with a trunk load of very heavy, very expensive batteries.

    Maybe Apple will start selling accessory heaters that only burn ‘ethical fuels’.

  • jrohland

    A secure OS is not important when you can lie to convince the sheeple that yours is secure. Especially when your family’s life is on the line, such as while driving.