How To Use Alternate Default Apps On BB10


The power of the BlackBerry 10 operating system continues to grow and flex its muscles. The out of box experience is second to none with immediate access to Microsoft Office documents, a REAL file system, and the best browser on any mobile platform including iOS, Android, and Windows (to name a few).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment a little if we so desire. Here’s how to manipulate which app is used when a certain file type is chosen.


I’ve got to admit that I don’t often need this option, but everybody has their own use case. This example is for those that need the freedom of choice.

After all, we BlackBerry users are not stuck in a walled garden are we? Here we go.

Let’s say we want to use an alternate to the excellent browser that comes stock with BB10. You must already have that browser installed (Android bowsers like Firefox and Chrome will only load in 10.3).

Flexibility is king
Flexibility is king

If you click on a browser link and hold to see the sidebar menu, you will be able to choose “Open in”. That choice brings up a list of apps that are capable of handling said browser link.

Choices are good.
Choices are good.

Now all you need to do is click in that checkbox on the top right, then choose the app you want to have as your browser default.

Evolution browser as default.
Evolution browser as default.

Simple as that! Evolution Browser can identify itself as other operating system browsers so I find it useful at work.

Of course every file type is able to access this powerful feature.


Here’s an ad hoc document I made at an open mic gig that shall be opened in an Android Office app.

Android apps too.
Android apps too.

Basically, as you can see any file type can be used to bring up any compatible app that you already have installed.

Have any of you out there changed defaults?

Do you do it temporarily like I do?

Do you do it permanently? If so, which file types and which app?

Is this new to you?

Sound off in the comments and let me know how you use this powerful feature.


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