How To – Turn Off BBM Group Notifications In 10.3.1


One of the things that I’ve seen popping up in our little world recently since the update is ‘How do I turn off my BBM Group notifications now??’

Let’s be honest, when you are in a chatty group you REALLY don’t want to have your phone binging (or bonging) away every time someone posts in the BBM Group Chat – that way madness lies. To be fair, it’s not just BBM Groups (the people I know just happen to use them a lot) it could be any other app you want to single out and silence.

On all previous versions App Notifications were pretty easy to find. You simply went Settings> Notifications> Applications and then picked the one you want.

With 10.3.1 BlackBerry have given you more choice, but also introduced an extra step.

Now the first bit is the same. Swipe down from the top and press Settings. Then, Notifications. But NOW you can set your App Notifications by Profile, if you so wish, or just blanket for all profiles, it’s up to you:


Notifications 1

First things first, how the hell do I get to where I was before? The Applications option isn’t on that screen anymore!

Well, choose a Profile. I’m guessing that most people use Normal (although having a young family I’m either on Silent or Phone Calls only mostly) so let’s go with that…

Notifications 2

Aha! There it is! ‘Customise App Notifications’. Press that.

Notifications 4

And there are your apps. But now you have lots of extra goodies to play with. Like custom LED’s or Instant Previews for example for each app, or, as in the case of BBM Groups, which Group if you so wish:

Notifications 5

So, as you can see here, it’s not just whether a new post makes a noise. Maybe you have a work (or family) BBM Group that you’d like silent but you need to prioritise? Easy, give it a different LED colour – you have 6 to choose from…

Either way, once you have decided on your settings for that particular Profile and App you can either leave it as just applying to that Profile or set it as Default for that BBM Group:

Notifications 3

So, there you go!

Just one more step and a ton of new options to play with.



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