How To: Take Perfectly Focused Photos With BlackBerry 10 Camera


Recently I have come across many posts on several forms with people claiming their BB10 camera is insufficient and unable to take focused pictures. Many responses have been requesting that people return their device for a replacement however the device not the issue.

As we all know, there is a box on the screen which when focused turns green thus giving the user the go ahead to take the photo. I know many have noticed that due to autofocus, sometimes the timing becomes a little difficult which leads to a blurred image.

After doing a little investigation and taking many pictures today to test, I believe there is a way to ensure that any picture taken will no longer come out blurry. Not only that, timing of images is much simpler as well.

The key is to treat your device camera as though you are using a high quality digital camera. In most cases, those cameras require a slight push of the button to allow for the lens to focus then the picture is taken. Below are the steps to use on your BlackBerry 10 device to ensure clear and crisp photos every time.

1) Open the camera app
2) Point camera to desired object you want to take a photo of
3) Press and hold the camera button on screen
4) When focus turns green, release camera button and picture will be taken in focus

These steps will ensure that your photo comes out clear and will also remove the need to time the focus correctly as due to auto focus, sometimes becomes a challenge.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

  • FallingTitan

    awesome it works! Also with space bar it works. hold space down.

  • Tinioesjunior

    That’s just what I do to take a good picture with my Z10. It works!!

  • nnik

    Cool post Ray!

  • Anthony

    “Pressing-and-holding” will focus and hold that focus. Move your device around and release your finger and it will shoot an out-of-focus picture. One use for this feature is taking pictures of tiny things in the foreground. Move your device to focus.

    You need to press the camera button for “longer than a tap”. It will refocus and shoot the picture.

    Also, touching the screen will refocus.

    The Passport takes great pictures. People claiming it doesn’t don’t know how to use it. locco_smiley_3

  • davemorgan

    As Anthony says tap and hold on the on screen box will lock the focus, a little padlock appears within the box to show.

  • Snowflake07

    Best mobile photography possible with the Passport camera, it’s amazing ~ great post!

  • SipoKapumba

    Nice tip ray689. I saw a little padlock when the focus was locked, then I clicked the shutter button to take a photo.

  • darot

    Works good on my Passport but only with screen button. Space key and volume keys initiate to take the picture immediately. I need to check new 10.3.2 OS

  • Canuckvoip

    Wow… did not know this. Excellent tip!

  • bartron

    Great tip. BlackBerry made a really good video tutorial about taking photos with a Passport: . I’m surprised more people haven’t watched it.