How to Subscribe to BBM Enterprise

BBM users can easily move to the enterprise version, Here’s how.

In just over a month, EMTEK will shut down BBM for consumers, and if BlackBerry does not take it back , we can use BBM for organizations.

If you want to continue using BBM, you can use BBM Enterprise or BBMe. There are differences between the two versions, this is for consumers and this is for organizations but at the end of this BBM. It is important to understand that BBM organizations does not include Stickers, Channels, Comments in Feed and a few more services like Discover Tab in BBM for consumers.

BBM Enterprise feature-levels is about a year back compared to consumer, still with features that are important to users, and, of course, 2-tier encryption (which makes some services not work in this version).

Note that you receive a new PIN, you will of course have to re-add your contacts and update your profile picture. In addition, the BBM has a dark theme, which is definitely something we waited for in the consumer version and did not receive.

Another important thing to know that BBMe knows to work simultaneously on 5 devices is another feature that was missing in the consumer version.

  • Download the BBM Enterprise through Google’s store or Apple Store (yes it’s available at 2 stores).
  •      Now you can request to sign in with your private account Sign as Individual
  •      You can then sign up for a private account
  •      Here you will have the option of Free Trail
  •      You will be notified that you have a free year and then an annual subscription costs $ 5
  •      Confirm and now you can go back to using BBM.

Roy Shpitalnik

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