How To Show BlackBerry 10



Time and time again, the thing I hear most from BlackBerry customers everywhere is how they are directed away from BlackBerry and pushed to the iPhone and Androids. It’s frustrating, and it’s even the type of situation that can force customers away from a store altogether to look online.


There aren’t many sales representatives out there unless they are BlackBerry representatives themselves, who are either comfortable or knowledgeable with a BlackBerry device enough to show it.For that reason, this video is here. This it to reach out to potential customers and sales reps, showing the key features of the BlackBerry 10 lineup and how to present it. Your customers will really appreciate you taking the time. The devices are really great work phones, great in communication, and keeping up with your busy life.

I challenge you to check it out for yourself and see what jewels are hidden in this chest. The video is a bit blurred, but as I post more, I’ll be more comfortable with it. The most important part is the ability to show the customer. Allow your customer to make the choice and let your customers know their options. They’ll be grateful and you’ll be surprised how smooth this operating system really is.

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  • ray689

    Great post Susan, we need more sales reps like you.

  • Brad

    Now, can you come train the sells reps around here please?

  • nnik

    great resource!

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    Way to go Susan and welcome to UTB. Finally…a sales rep who knows her stuff and proud to own it as well. When I first got my z10, I had to show the rep how to set it up because he had no clue and at least he was honest about it. He was even impressed with the phone after I explained all the features of BB10.

    Anyway…welcome aboard. I can’t wait to read more and don’t worry about the video being a little blurry, you’ll get the hang of it. locco_smiley_20

  • Canuckvoip

    Dear Daytripper,
    Please get hired by BB and roam the country spreading your brand of reality.

  • Blackjack

    Awesome! Thanks for this – usually I’m the one having to show the sales reps how to use it.
    and that Z10 looks like it is made of jello! I want one.