How To ‘Priv’


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Whenever a new smartphone is released there are always some brave souls who are the ‘early adapters’. These brave souls not only experience the joys of a new device, but also the pain of a learning curve -digging through all the layers of options and functionality. In addition to the new software, there are occasionally a few glitches. In an attempt to minimize the pain and maximize ‘the Priv experience‘, UTB has encapsulated 11 methods of addressing issues with the Priv.

So strap in, here we go-

  • Step 1 – Reboot
  • Step 2 – Check for OS updates
  • Step 3 – Check for app or game updates in Google Play
  • Step 4 – Check your available storage space
  • Step 5 – What’s misbehaving?
  • Step 6 – Force Stop & Clear Cache
  • Step 7 – Clear Data
  • Step 8 – Uninstall the app or game
  • Step 9 – Safe Mode
  • Step 10 – Uninstall, test, repeat
  • Step 11 – Factory reset

For the complete instructions that accompany each step click here.


SOURCE: Inside BlackBerry (Ty Williams)


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