How to make $$ Billions in 10 easy steps




1 Make an app launcher and market it as a smartphone

2 Borrow innovative ideas from others and call it ‘New’. To quote Steve Jobs from “Triumph of the Nerds”, Apple “has always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

3 When called out on #2 simply reply you took existing technology and made it better

4 Sue anyone who remotely tries to copy your borrowed design

5 Make a phone so thin it breaks and needs repairs

6 Make it impossible to open your phone or get parts

7 Sell accessories to make your battery last longer

8 Make all your accessories use proprietary plugs and sell accessories at a premium

9 Avoid paying BILLIONS in taxes each year by calling Ireland your HQ

10 Pay workers so little money they commit suicide

Voile’- follow these steps and you just may find yourself choking on money at your customers expense!


Me, I’d rather use a product that doesn’t treat me like an open wallet



kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • fishlove73

    Nailed It Razrrob!!! locco_smiley_29

  • SipoKapumba

    What if …. BlackBerry tried some of these ideas?

  • Martin

    Welcome to the walled garden that is Apple!
    locco_smiley_4 locco_smiley_47

    • HYMAN

      Make it strictly proprietary and well within the walled garden. LOL

      • razrrob

        Yes, and totally contrary to the IoT

  • DonMariano

    You forgot employ the “Double Irish” tactic to avoid paying local taxes.

    • razrrob

      Good point!

    • Ninja

      And never donate anything. Not even a penny.

  • veeru789

    Well said.

  • nnik

    My open wallet may release moths

    • razrrob