How To: Update your OS via Sachesi (it’s Easy Peasy)

Building upon Tommy C’s prior instructions I thought it might be helpful to present a ‘How To update via Sachesi’

Veterans of operating system (OS) updates will tell you there are differing methods to loading the newest OS to your BlackBerry- each has its’ benefits and drawbacks:

a destructive method includes ‘Autoloaders’ as Calendar events, Contacts, game progress, etc are not carried over,

non-destructive methods include OTA (over the air) updates which are pushed out by a Carrier or BlackBerry, and the Sachesi process which is carried out by the owner

The remainder of this post will be dedicated to the Sachesi method of updating.

Using Sachesi is a fairly easy way of updating an OS. There are #2 methods involved-


The first is more ‘proactive’ where the owner can look for an OS update that has been released by one Carrier ahead of another. Here you would type in a Country Code, Carrier Code, and phone model to see what comes up.




The second is a ‘reactive‘ method where the user simply clicks on the ‘Install’ tab on Sachesi to drop and drag a downloaded OS. I’ve found this method to be the easiest (some folks refer to this as the ‘Blitz’ method).




Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Download the OS version you want via one of the hosting sites (ex: MEGA, BITCASA, etc). DO NOT UNZIP the downloaded file!!,

2. Open the most current version of Sachesi (it can be downloaded here),

3. Click on the ‘Install; tab of Sachesi,

4. Connect your device via USB and wait for the screen that shows your currently installed applications, close LINK if it opens,

5. Drag the recently downloaded OS zip file directly onto the ‘Install’ tab and drop the .zip file,

6. Wait for the process to start (it may take a few minutes so be patient),

6. DO NOT unplug your USB cable until you phone has rebooted or bad things could happen (BRICK).

That’s it!

No loss of data, no backing up data and while it’s fairly goofproof (even a Monkey can do it) I would be remiss if I didn’t include the usual caveats that you proceed at your own risk and UTB takes no responsibility should you brick ‘your precious’.


Good Luck!


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  • ray689

    It’s so simple. Thanks for posting.

    • razrrob

      Thanks ray689!

      This is a must have in everyones armamentarium whether they be a newbs or crusty veterans (like us)

  • Canuckvoip

    Sachesi should be in everyone’s arsenal.

    • razrrob

      Thanks Canuck!
      Not sure if that’s a soccer reference (I prefer Man U!)

  • web99

    Excellent post razrrob,

    It is very educational. Thanks for sharing!

    • razrrob

      Hey web99- glad to help. I remember many painful hours updating and a few bricked phones that were luckily resuscitated.

  • Thanks Rob!

    Even a Monkey can do it!?!? Do Monkeys know how to use phones!?!??

    • razrrob

      Yes, james and evidently they prefer sliders…

  • DIckLewis13

    Great post, but it should be noted that if BB Link opens when you plug cable into phone, it should be closed before installation with Sachesi.
    I take the extra step and always put phone in airplane mode, no need for calls, texts, etc coming through during upgrade.
    One more, BBM should never be opened after an upgrade until you check BB World to be sure you have newest version. You will possibly lose all chats otherwise.
    Sachesi one great tool. Thanks for the blob.