How to Knock Knox


Remember Samsung Knox? The ‘Enterprise-Grade security software’ developed by Samsung to secure the unsecurable Android OS? Well, it never really lived up to what it was supposed to be. It gained a couple of security certifications, yet it seemed like Samsung stepped away from it for some time. They did however include it in their newest Galaxy phones, much to the chagrin of many Android users.

It seemed that Knox did one thing. If the phone was rooted, it would trip Knox’s software counter, which would leave evidence.

For example, someone purchases a Samsung phone, and realizes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. No surprise there right? So what do they do? Root it of course! It is the way of Android! But once a phone is rooted, the warranty is voided, but we all know there’s ways to put things back the way they were if needed right? Well not with Knox. Once the phone has been rooted with Knox, and if the user needs to take the phone back to get it services, Knox will let Samsung know that the phone has been rooted, and the user is out of luck.

So Knox is providing some security. To Samsung. Now they won’t be out any money on users that root their phones.

But even this bit of security is now cracked. Phone Arena reported today how to easily get around this. We won’t get in to the details as to how here, as that’s not the point.

We will include the video tutorial though in case you’re interested.

What’s important for us, is that this ‘Enterprise-Grade security’ isn’t getting a passing grade. And BlackBerry users have nothing to worry about. Samsung did do something smart, and that was tap in to BlackBerry for help. Hopefully the next iteration of Knox will get some BlackBerry love and we can say goodbye to these vulnerabilities.


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  • Robert

    And this was supposed to be Samsung’s secure government solution.

    Way to go. Samsung did an awesome job there. locco_smiley_36

  • ray689

    Bwahahahaha. This is one of the best I told you so moments ever. I recall a certain troll who has now “left everything BlackBerry” (some not by choice cough cough ban) saying that Knox is just as good if not better than BES. They claim to work for (or have contacts with) the DOD and that they would be dropping everything for this impenetrable Knox back when it was first announced. Someone how I don’t see that now. They may choose to use Knox but it will be with BlackBerry securing it.