How to install “Snap” for Android apps (the easy way)

Believe it or not, there are still BB10 owners out there that haven’t had the pleasure of acquiring the few Android apps that might flesh out their needs or desires. “Snap” (big thanks to James Paul Muir) gives a user with a Google account access to all free and paid apps in the Google Play Store.
Let’s explore the easiest way to install the wonderful app “Snap”…
***Note, you must be on BB10 OS 10.2.1.XXXX or higher for this to work***

By far, the easiest way to get Snap on your phone is to use a fantastic utility called “Snap Installer” by Cobalt. This procedure requires a Windows PC and an internet connection.
Go here to download and install the Snap Intaller tool

Unzip and run the Snap Installer.exe file, and you should be seeing this…


Next step is to put your phone into “Development Mode”. To do that, go to Settings/Security and Privacy/Development Mode, and turn it on


When you turn on Development Mode, you’ll be prompted to create a device password, don’t forget that password as you’ll need it later.
Now plug your BB10 handset into a USB port on your PC. If you have BB Link installed, it may startup, just ignore it.
Now put your device password (that you created when you turned on Development Mode) into the Snap Installer program, and click the “Download and install Snap” button. A few seconds later… Success!


Now you have Snap installed… Congrats!


Just start the app and pop in your Gmail address and password. You’re done, enjoy! Have fun checking out Android apps, and let us know in the forums what works for you.


Many many thanks again to James Paul Muir for the Snap app, and many kudos to Cobalt for making this so easy to do!


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