How to Fix Disappearing BBM Group Chats?

Some people have recently had an issue where certain chats in BBM groups seem to disappear randomly. When the chat is opened, people are able to chat but once you leave the chat and come back in, all disappears again. Up until now, the fix has been for the person affected to leave the group and be re-invited to it.

Thanks to your trusty tech geek Undbiter, we now have a fix that seems to be working for everyone who has tried it. See his forum post below and please head over to the forums to give your feedback if you have experienced this issue.

I am in more than 14 groups. There is a common bug that clears a chat room every time you open it. If you stay in it, you’ll be able to see people posting, but as as soon as you leave the chat clears. While I don’t know what causes it, I have found a fix that fixes it each time I use it. Here it is:

Open the chat room you’re experiencing issues with, type something in it, then click on overflow menu (the three dots on the bottom right corner) and clear chat manually. Fixed. Hope this helps!