How to Delete E-Mail Attachments


The very first time I ever used a BlackBerry, I remember being so excited because I had something in my hand that would allow me to control all the personal e-mail I would get. And that was a LOT of e-mail. Prior to having a BlackBerry (yes, it was the Stone Age!) I would have to carve out time to go to my desktop, read all of my mail, and move on it accordingly.  Sometimes, this was daily, sometimes it wasn’t until the end of the week.  Invariably, the amount of e-mail would be in the double digits.  But, that first BlackBerry (a Bold 9000 if you’re curious) took that pain away! I could react instantly and suddenly, my life got easier!

As mentioned, that was the Stone Age.  Fast forward to today. I still get lots of e-mails, some days more than others.  And sometimes, there are attachments with those e-mails. Now here’s where it gets interesting. There are certain e-mails that I really need to handle from my desktop PC, and a recent e-mail + attachment fell into that category.  So, I deleted it from my device but left it on the server.  Imagine my surprise when weeks later, that stupid attachment was still on my phone!   That began a search high and low on how to delete an attachment (the hub doesn’t have an option) . I don’t see a need to keep an attachment on my device once I’ve dealt with the e-mail.  I spent several hours looking for a solution, and never found it.  Instead, I relied on my brain, and figured it out. This post is to save you the pain. Your mileage may vary, and I did do this from a desktop PC, but this is what I had to do:

Log into your mail via your service provider’s website. EX: your e-mail is  Go to and find your mail.  Log in.

Find the e-mail with the attachment


Go back to your device and force a sync (hit the refresh icon in the hub)

Voila!  Attachment gone!!









And that’s it! Good luck!

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