How To: Check for Application Updates

If you’re an Application (App) freak like me, you may catch yourself checking in a few times a day to see what, if anything has been updated and peruse the Change Log (a listing of the updates or changes from one version to another) for those that have.  As operating systems and BlackBerry World (BBW) get updated typically the updates show up, while occasionally they do not.  Here’s a quick and easy ‘How To’ that may make things easier


BlackBerry World

For BlackBerry App updates open BBW and click on the 3 horizontal bars in the lower left corner of the screen,

Next select ‘My World’ followed by ‘My Apps & Games’





Make sure the ‘Updates’ tab on the top of the screen is selected then click on ‘Check for Updates’.  Once the color returns to the text you’ll see if anything requires updating.  If updates are required simply select ‘Update All’.  Wait until all Apps have completed installation and close BBW when done.



For any Android apps you may have downloaded the process is somewhat similar, but there are a few extra steps.

Amazon Appstore

Click on the lowercase ‘a’ in the upper left portion of the screen, scroll down and under ‘LIBRARY’ click on ‘My Apps’.  Next click on ‘Updates’ and select ‘Update All’.  As with any app, the Download and Install actions must occur.  An additional step will occur as the BlackBerry OS has the Android app partitioned in a sandbox to prevent potential viruses from affecting the system.  After you click Install a new screen will open and confirm that you want to Update and Install the App.  It will also ask you to ‘Accept’ the App permissions, which is nice as it gives you the opportunity to confirm which permissions are acceptable.




To see if you are running the latest version of the Amazon Appstore simply click on the lowercase ‘a’ in the upper left portion of the screen, scroll down and under ‘ABOUT’ select ‘Settings’.  Next click on ‘Version and Release Notes’ followed by ‘Check For Updates’.



Open Snap and once again click on the 3 horizontal bars in the bottom left portion of the screen.  Next select ‘My Apps’ and ensure the ‘Updates’ tab is selected.  Any Apps requiring updating will appear.  You can select ‘Update All’ and sit back.




Similar to Amazon you will need to go through the steps of ‘Updating’, ‘Installing’, and ‘Accepting’.


While there are numerous Android App stores available the only others I have a working knowledge of are Aptoide and 1Mobile Market.



Open Aptoide and click on the ‘Update’ tab near the top of the App. Any Apps with updates available will appear.  Simply click on ‘Update All’ and let the process run.  Similar to Amazon and Snap you will need to go through the steps of ‘Updating’, ‘Installing’, and ‘Accepting’.




There is also a tab ‘Download Manager’ which allows you to delete the .apk after the App is installed.


1Mobile Market

Open the App and click on the white box containing the ‘+’ sign in the upper right hand portion off the screen.  Next click on ‘Update’ and select ‘Update All’ and sit back.




Similar to Amazon, Snap, and Aptoide you will need to go through the steps of ‘Updating’, ‘Installing’, and ‘Accepting’.


If you have knowledge of another Android App store please feel free to enter the link and directions in the Comment section below.




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