How To BlackBerry 10: Pinning Files

If you do a lot of document editing on your device, you’ll probably agree that one of the best features of the BlackBerry 10 File Manager is its integration with various Cloud-based storage providers. Occasionally however, this integration can cause issues when you want to repeatedly open and edit a specific file, as you may find yourself repeatedly navigating through the same folders to get to the file each time you want to open it. There is, however, a simple solution to this problem. Let’s use an example and find out what it is.

Let’s assume you’re writing a book (as some Blackberrians have already done), using Documents to Go on your BlackBerry, and Word on your PC/Mac. For ease of use, you store your document on OneDrive, in order to be able to access it from both your PC and your BlackBerry. Opening the document from your PC is a cinch – just click on Open Recent and start typing. On your BlackBerry however, things aren’t so easy – Recently Used normally only shows documents that are saved on your BlackBerry or its SD card.


This means clicking Browse, navigating to your OneDrive folder, locating the document and loading it.

Every. Time. You. Open. The. File.

Don’t panic – BlackBerry has you covered. Before you use Documents To Go to open a document saved in cloud storage, navigate to the file using File Manager, then press and hold the file icon to open the context menu.


At the top of this menu is the option ‘Pin’. Tap it, and you’ll notice the file’s icon gains a pin graphic overlaying one corner. Tap the icon to open the file in Documents To Go, then tap Edit at the bottom of the screen. This opens Word To Go and you can edit the document to your heart’s content. The next time you open Documents To Go, your cloud-stored document will appear on the Recently Used screen, and you can open, edit and save it as usual.



Editor’s note: A little investigation uncovers the fact that Pinning files is possible with folders as well as images and audio files, along with Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets. Experiment and let us know your results in the comments!

Editor’s Note #2: Please bear in mind that accessing cloud-stored files will require an internet connection (either via Mobile Data or WiFi), and data charges may apply.

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