How to BB10: Resizing Android Apps for a Square Screen


Android apps! Some love them, some hate them, but none were made for a square screen. Luckily for those of us with Passports, Classics, Q10’s and Q5’s, BlackBerry planned ahead and gave us a way to resize how the apps appear on our screens when needed, and we made a quick video to show how to do that.

Our How to BB10 videos are made in an effort to highlight those little aspects new users need to know, or long term users may have forgot about. If you have an idea for a How to BB10 video, be it an entry level function, or something a little more advanced, drop us an e-mail at and we will work on getting it out there.

The above video was shot on a BlackBerry Z10, and edited on the BlackBerry Passport using Storymaker and editing tools found within the native video app.


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  • Anthony

    Re-sizing apps is needed for some Android apps.

    E.g Netflix. The default “Full Size” view chops the video/movie. Changing it to “Rectangular” lets you see the entire video/movie.

    Some suggestions for How-To… locco_smiley_11

    1. Using “Share” and “Open in”.
    E.g from the native Picture app share several pictures to another app like “Evernote”, “Collage” (BlackBerry World), Pixlr
    Also, the difference between “share” and “open in”
    “Share” is for editing and gives you a list of only those apps that can do what you want. E.g sharing only 1 picture or several

    2. Taking the SD card out, stick it in your desktop computer, arrange or create folders, copy music or large files

    3. Naming a file to make it easy to find in Search.
    E.g take a picture, name it, then quickly find it when you search
    Also, the need to put “descriptors/tags” in the file name because Search matches words in the file name

    4. Using remote file access as your personal cloud.
    E.g stream music or a video or finding a file
    You can also use an app like “Cloudvert” or “Web Conversion” to convert the file on your desktop so you can view it on your BB10 device. E.g converting a Mac Pages document to Word. From File Manager you “share” it to the conversion app

    • Anthony

      5. How to update ID3 tags for ringtones and alarms so they can be identified easier in the Music app and skipped locco_smiley_17

  • newcollector

    I accidentally found this feature when I was trying to get Bitmoji to work on my Passport. Great video of just how innovative and forward thinking BlackBerry has been with BB10.