How To BB10 – Hiding Pictures in 10.3.1

Part of the new BlackBerry 10.3.1 update that has been rolled out is the return of some long lost shortcuts and features from the days of BBOS.
One of the features that has returned is the ability to hide your pictures.  I think this is a useful feature, great for keeping casual prying eyes off your family pictures maybe not so for hiding those naked selfies! Although there are apps that will secure those for you.

To start to hide your pictures go into the Pictures gallery on your BlackBerry 10 handset and tap the overflow (3 dots) icon on bottom right.


In the menu that slides out tap ‘Select Items’ and start selecting the pictures you want to hide.


At the bottom of the screen you will see an option of ‘Mark to Hide’, until you start selecting this is greyed out.


Once all the pics you want to hide are selected, tap ‘Mark to Hide’ then swipe down from top of the screen and tap ‘Hide Items’ all the selected images will be hidden.


To see the pictures again swipe down from top and ‘Unhide Items’.

After the first time adding pictures to the hidden ‘ gallery’ the process is quicker. Tap the overflow menu and then ‘Select Items’ and ‘Hide’ is at the bottom of your screen, once you tap that your pics are hidden straight away.


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