How To BB10 – BlackBerry Virtual Expert

BlackBerry Virtual Expert, or BBVE, is an App some of you may have seen appear as part of the 10.3.1 update, especially if you agreed to help BlackBerry improve the service. BBVE is also available as an App to download for BBOS and BB10 Devices.

BBVE is your virtual expert assistant in solving any issues you might have (or even think you have) with your BlackBerry.

So what does BBVE do?

First of all BBVE gives you really easy access to Device, Power, Connections and Storage information. Each of the items can be clicked on and give easy access to, for example what OS version is running and then see if an update is available, easy access to Device Manager and many more features.


Test Suites

But probably the most useful feature are the Tests you can run to check the functions on your BlackBerry. There are a huge (38 or so) array of tests that can be run, within 5 sections.


Each of the sections has a number of checks and tests that can be run to prove or disprove a problem.  As you work through the tests they are marked Pass or Fail, BBVE remembers the tests run and the results. At the end of the test session the results can be saved and uploaded to BlackBerry to help with further development, as well as being used to prove a fault diagnosis to a service agent.


For example I kept dropping calls (on my Q5), so I ran a sensor test and found the Proximity Sensor was ‘playing up’. I was then able to report this back to BlackBerry to help with future Development and report it to the repair agent when I sent my handset for repair.


BBVE is a very useful and easy to use application, only HTC has something similar and that is hidden away behind a complicated set of key presses that almost no body knows, so thumbs up to BlackBerry for making BBVE easy to both find and use.

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