How To: add Google Play Store to a BlackBerry 10 device


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So some of you may be wondering, is it possible to add the Google Play Store onto a BlackBerry 10 device? Well, the short answer is yes, but there are many reasons to avoid it – do so at your own risk!


For those wanting to throw all caution to the wind, please follow these steps exactly as they appear (NOTE: UTB is not responsible should you brick your phone).


Step 1: Add a Google system account to your device

Download then install directly onto your BlackBerry. Run the application then login with your Google username and password. The application will minimize if the step is successfully completed.


Step 2: Register your device with Google Play

Download then install cobalt.blackberry.googleID directly onto your BlackBerry. Run the application then register your device with Google Play. Close the application after successful registration.


Step 3: Install Google Play Store

Download then install directly onto your BlackBerry.

All 3 applications MUST remain installed on your device, otherwise the Google Play Store will not work!


By default, the Google Play Store automatically downloads updates for your installed applications. This causes the Google Play Store to pop-up when an update was successfully downloaded – this is normal! If you don’t like that feature, turn off ‘Auto-update’ within the Google Play Store settings. You will still receive notifications about available updates, but you will have to get them manually in the ‘Application’ section of the Google Play Store settings.


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