How my Blackberry Z30 saved the day

BB Z30

My son had a challenge, to finish his school project.

He had a French project that was to create a depiction of his school and different rooms and present it all in French. He created the project on Minecraft with our Xbox One and it was pretty awesome, yes I’m biased. The next part was for him and his partner to record a 3d tour of the different rooms and facilities.

They both have Apple products, my son with his iPod and his partner a hand-me-down iPhone4 and they were going to use to record the tour of their created world on Minecraft. My son then comes to tell me that neither of their devices had enough space to record their presentation.

To the rescue came my Z30. Since I have moved over to a Blackberry Passport as my daily driver, my Z30 has been waiting patiently to be called into action. I handed over my Z30 to my son and he recorded the tour and his partner narrated (very quitely I may add) and completed the taping after about 3 mins or so. Another way to ensure there was enough space, I checked my microSD card to ensure there was plenty of place. Since I can swap in and out any sized microSD card, I knew my 16gb card would have no issue.

My son and I reviewed the video and found out that he forgot to zoom in enough and had a lot of front and back recording that needed to be removed. So I went to editing it on the Z30 which has the all-powerful BB10 OS running. I was able to crop and remove unwanted parts of the video, all within the camera app, in a matter of a minute or so. Despite being a huge fan of Blackberry and BB10, even I was surprised how fast and easy the process was.

To present to my son’s class, he took my z30 armed with a mini HDMI to HDMI cable to plug into the class’ smart board. He and his partner successfully did the entire presentation using nothing but the Z30 and the HDMI cord. With his partner speaking quietly, I was worried that the sound wouldn’t pick up. I was pleasantly surprised that the phone picked up his quiet narration and with turning up the volume, everyone could here it the way it was recorded. If they had been able to record the presentation on their Apple devices, there is no telling how many additional steps would be required to provide the same presentation.

BB10 is a work horse that allows all of those that choose to use it, the power to do almost everything without the need for additional apps or extra steps that will take time and expertise with those apps.

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Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.