How Long Before They Get it Right?



It would seem that our friends in the good old US of A are finally getting serious about mobile payments.

They have¬† been dabbling in the sense that they have allowed Apple Pay to establish itself first…just to give them a much needed head-start.

Seems like they are going to let Android Pay and CurrentC have a go at it except that well, it seems CurrentC is not ready yet and may not be for another year.

This all comes shortly after BlackBerry began testing PayPal by BBM.

BlackBerry users and, well, Android have enjoyed the ability to make mobile payments through NFC in many countries outside the US. Some of those countries with much stricter banking regulations than the American Banks. So what is the hold-up? There really is no excuse not to have this working unless someone is deliberately stalling (ok, several someones) in order to give Apple a bigger bite at the… grapefruit. There were many businesses that actually shut down the NFC terminals to BLOCK these guys so it actually gets a bit confusing. Now with Android Pay here and Samsung Pay coming next month these Businesses have once again opened the terminals and yes, they are now welcoming iPhonians with open arms.

You see I’m finding this whole mess very confusing actually, mostly because I use my BlackBerry wherever I would use my credit card or debit card. But then, I live in Canada. So I’m wondering, is all this cumbersome clunkiness for the benefit of yet another party that wants a piece of the pie? Wouldn’t you think there should already be a system in place seeing as we’ve been using one for several years now? Unless, like I said, someone else wants their cut.


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