How Can You Argue With This!?

For those BlackBerry fans who have been a little uneasy about BB’s prospects for a return to prominence, or even profitability, take a gander at the video below. If you are a fan who already believes, but wants a little “ammo” to use when confronted with the average uninformed Androidean, Iphonean or worse, supposed technology analyst or blogger, who claims “BB is dead,” this video is also for you.

Credits to ‘web99’ for finding this and posting it in our forum.

chenThis video is a great, brief overview of BB’s strategy to play in and monetize the “Internet of Things,” using BB’s QNX software, which our fearless leader John Chen, who I like to call “Big John,” or “The Chenster,” :) refers to as, “the crown jewels.” When I saw this, I finally caught a ‘glympse’ of the big picture Chen and his team must have as to how BB will return to profitability and capitalize on all their strengths. I am beginning to see that handset profits may not even ultimately be necessary. This is not to say I believe BB will stop making handsets, just that they don’t need this to be a profitable “going concern.” I suppose the path to profitability may look different than the way BB looks when it is a burgeoning, profitable company, and honestly, I don’t know exactly how handsets may fit into either picture differently, but I’m beginning to see that BB’s other three divisions may “carry the day,” with handsets comprising only a small minority of the profits.

In any event, if this video doesn’t get you amped up about BB’s future, I can’t think of anything that will. Looks like any remaining trace of doubt that we will be using BB10 in the future, are completely squashed! Go BB!

And for those of you using the app, click the link below,

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