How BBM and Blackberry keeps my family in contact.


I have been a Blackberry and BBM user for over 5 years, and have been grateful for the cross-platform usability.

Much to my chagrin, I am currently the only member of my immediate family that still uses a Blackberry device. We are a family that uses the Android and iOS operating systems as well my BB10 devices.

Recently, my wife and daughter went to Poland for a world dance championship and BBM was an integral part of their trip. I did purchase the Europe travel plan for my wife to ensure that there was no roaming charges. To my surprise, with the availability of WiFi she didn’t even use the data or phone (all because of BBM). There are other communication applications out there but none give me everything I need in one spot, like BBM.

I was able to talk, send/receive messages, voice messages, and get pictures and videos all in a secured format. Every day, my kids and I, who were left back home in Canada, had the opportunity to say good night to their mom through voice calls. My daughter also liked sending little video messages to my wife to let her know how much she loved and missed her. Another thing that I do with my daughter is send funny or meaningful Gifs to motivate her before competition. We shared lots of great moments (including voice notes, pictures, and BBMs) that she had experienced so I got be a part of her trip.

This trip happened during the first week of December and I was tasked with getting our house ready for Christmas, which meant getting our tree as well. While I was walking around the tree farm, my wife and I were continuously sending pictures and messages back and forth to select the perfect tree. Remember, all of this was while she was 6 time zones away and the communication was immediate.

Another success that BBM brings to my family, is the ability for my son’s iPod to be a phone through BBM. When my son, who is only 9, is at home or friend’s house, his iPod seconds as a phone. This allows me to send BBMs, pictures/videos/links, etc, and make phone calls to ensure we are in contact.

Without BBM being cross-platform, I would have had very limited access to this amazing opportunity for my daughter and wife. I choose Blackberry and BBM for secured and multidimensional communication with my family.

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Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.

  • bambinoitaliano

    BBM has the clearest phone call. Even more so than a regular call especially overseas.

  • beemaabeemababy

    I use the BBM calendar with a family member so that I can car share (as I rarely use my car now that I work from home). Whenever each one of us plans to use the car, we would add an event to the calendar. That way, I can see when my car would be available for me to use with just a few clicks on BBM.

    If our needs clashed and I needed to use the car straight after someone else, we use the Glympse feature so that I can see exactly where the car is and how far away it is so I can get myself ready in time without wasting any precious minutes.

    Yep, BBM is the best.

    • veeru789

      That’s cool. BBM groups are so much better than wharscrapp

  • jrohland

    I walked to a store over 6 kilometers away today. The plan was for my lady to pick me up so we could do other errands. About 10 minutes from the store I sent her a Glympse so she tracked my progress to the store in real-time. Then when she got on the road she sent me one so I could coordinate the meeting. Glympse is one of the great BBM features like Paypal.

  • dammad

    My wife, my son and I all have various Blackberry 10 phones, we all use BBM for individual messages, videos and pictures, we also share the same group chat, it’s handy when we all need to be informed or share the same info etc.
    Also none of us want anything other than a BB10 device.

  • veeru789

    For me its the privacy Subscriptions that stand out. Retracting messages, timed messages and pics and most importantly private chat. I do use BBM for business as much as I use it personally. So these features stand out. Also love the screen share feature. Useful to trouble shoot wife’s phone or discus a document.
    Another minor but a great feature is, I don’t have to save pics on the phone to view Them unlike whatscrapp. Data usage is also less compared to other apps, especially when travelling abroad.
    Last but not least, I use the profile updates to let my contacts know when I’m traveling, local contact number and also allow BBM to share my local time zone for people to contact me.

  • BB Racer !!

    BBM is a messaging tool for me from messages, voice & video calls, voice notes, attachments, financial transfers, Calendar, Groups, pictures and ViSS video compression, files, Location, security features etc…now if we can make BBM Channels the best Secured Social e-Commerce Enterprise messenger it will complete the BBM Messenger Package !